7 Best Trails to Enjoy When Hiking in Guam

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In Guam, when tourists are not busy swimming in the beautiful beaches, diving in the world-class dive sites, or simply having fun with the friendly locals, they are hiking or climbing a mountain trail. Hiking in Guam is a popular activity because there are just so many interesting trails that pass through amazing forests, grasslands and limestone cliffs.

A few of the most trekked paths are Favian Cove, Fonte Dam, Priest Pools, and Mount Sasalaguan. Fadian Cove involves a hike along the picturesque Mangilao coastline along rugged limestone cliffs. The view at the north side of the coastline is simply spectacular. Make sure you have your camera with you. The trail leads to a series of four small coves or coastal inlets, the furthest south of which is Fadian Cove. After the hike, you deserve to cool off and relax in the cove’s calm waters. You can also snorkel if you’ve brought along your gear. Also, bring some food since there are no stores in the area. This hike is considered medium difficulty.

Next stop is Fonte Dam. The vast Fonte Dam made from red bricks provides a spectacular contrast against the lush wild jungle. This historic landmark was built in 1910 as the main water supply to the capital city of Hagatña. It is truly a hidden treasure and only adventurous hikers get the opportunity to see it. This hike also rates medium difficulty.

Third is Priest Pools at the southern end of Guam. This hike includes two scenic spots: the Priest Pools, also known as “Nature’s Own Swimming Pools”, and Toguam Bay. Priest Pools is actually made up of eight multi-depth pools with a series of cascading water from the Pigua River and into the Pacific Ocean. Since this hike is rated easy, you may bring along swim suits and snorkeling gear.

The fourth hike is to Mount Sasalaguan. This is a long and difficult climb. It is 4.2 miles long, climbing up to 960 feet and descending down to 960 feet, and would take roughly four hours to finish. However, you won’t really find it difficult since you will be treated to a dramatic view of Guam’s southern mountains and through the Cocos Lagoon. Bring plenty of water since there is usually too much exposure from the sun when making this hike. Perhaps this is why the mountain is named “Sasalaguan”, which is Chamoru for “hell”.

Other than these four popular trails, the hike to Guam’s waterfalls is also very exhilarating. Try taking the hike to Tarzan Falls. It is neither an easy hike nor as spectacular but the pool beneath Tarzan Falls makes the experience unforgettable. Another popular waterfall is Talofofo Falls. Near the area are other tourist attractions such as Yokoi’s Cave, Guam Historical Museum, Ghost House, and Observation Tower

Finally, the highest peak in Guam is Mount Lamlam located in Agat Village. If you love hiking, adventure, or mountain climbing, you cannot leave Guam without checking it out from the summit of Mount Lamlam where you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the entire island. This relatively easy climb is the king of all climbs. It is definitely the best way to experience hiking in Guam.

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