Best Hike in Guam going to Sigua Falls

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Besides the beaches, dive sites, mountain trails and lagoons that make Guam a leading tropical getaway destination, there are also magnificent waterfalls. One of the most intriguing waterfalls in the island is Sigua Falls, which is actually two different falls, the Upper and Lower Sigua Falls. Visitors prefer visiting the much larger Lower Sigua Falls.

Located between the Pacific Ocean and Philippine Sea, Guam is blessed with a diversity of natural wonders. It is home to pristine beaches, amazing coast lines, spectacular dive sites, interesting mountain trails, and tons of waterfalls. Besides Sigua Falls, there are the Cetti Falls, Inarajan Falls, Malojloj Falls, Talofofo Falls and Tarzan Falls. What sets Sigua Falls above all these other waterfalls is the adventurous hike getting to the top of the falls.

The hike typically begins on top of Mount Alutom, which is accessible by car. Hikers then go through the island’s central grasslands and a thick jungle on top of Nimitz Hill. This hike is not for the faint of heart. Some parts are steep, slippery and muddy, while most parts are physically challenging. It is necessary to get a local guide or go with someone who has hiked here before. Navigating through the thick jungle could confuse first-timers. There have been several reports of hikers getting lost in Nimitz Hill and being rescued by the US Coast Guard Sector Guam. It is best to hike with about 10 people or more.

The local Guamanians and native Chamorro people are very friendly and gracious. They are only too willing to assist any tourist desiring to make this trail. This is another reason why tourists enjoy visiting Guam – the friendliness and hospitality of the people.

About 30 minutes into the trail, hikers are treated to a wonderful surprise, parked on the side of a rough road is a World War II Sherman tank. Everyone who has taken this hike talks about this tanker and no doubt has taken its picture. There weren’t any battles fought in this area; the tank was intentionally placed here for target practice.

From the tank, the falls become visible below and trails begins to get even tougher, steeper, muddier and more slippery. The trail descends into the jungle down to a narrow and very murky river, then into the jungle once again, through tough savannah grass, and over a ravine. Along the trail are shoes that have been stuck in the mud and got left behind by weary hikers.

Upon finally reaching the top of Lower Sigua Falls, hikers all say the same thing: “The tough hike was definitely worth it.” The falls are amazing and very picturesque. Sweaty and muddied hikers can’t wait to take that 100-foot drop into the rocky pool bottom. It doesn’t even matter that the pool is brown and murky. The swim here is very relaxing and the swimmers are truly very deserving. A rope hangs over the pool so that anyone may “monkey” his or her way back on top of the falls. A trip to Sigua Falls is definitely a must when in Guam.

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